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For 30 years CT Global has provided a wide array of services across many industries with the goal always to deliver a solution that enables the client to solve a business problem. The services CT Global provides range from small consultative engagements to full solution deployment. CT Global can help you turn data into profits.

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SAS Solution Modernization
Modernization can provide your organization with better analytics and reporting, reduce your processing speed, review your end-to-end model flows and introduce Intellectual Property (IP) and updates that will save you time and drive greater efficiency.

CT Global Solution’ modernization services include, but are not limited to the following:

·       Model Enhancements, Redesign and Updates
·       Migration to the latest SAS Technology
·       Improved data integration and automation
·       Benefit from Intellectual Property
 · Unique IP for SAS CPM® includes: EasySurvey™ or

·       Maintaining SAS Software

We provide technical and consulting services to perform fresh installs and upgrades in Windows and UNIX environments. We have extensive experience working with existing and new clients  to install or upgrade SAS Software and provide our services in helping them achieve their goals and improve their business practices.
Custom Application Development
Design of custom applications around SAS solutions to address client needs. This enables clients to supplement current off-the-shelf functionality of software solutions. Services include design of special analytics applications such as forecasting and optimization that are integrated with current software.

CT Global also designs and develops custom user interfaces (UI’s) for web and mobile applications for SAS. An example is developing an iPad app for use by sales to access algorithms working in SAS Financial Management to support price negotiations with customers.
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Data Warehousing
(Consolidation, Cleansing, and Warehousing)
CT Global Solutions provides several services under the Data Warehousing umbrella including data cleansing, data consolidation and warehousing. SAS is capable of reading data from almost any database, system or flat file in either batch or real time. We leverage this ability to combine data from disparate online and offline sources, cleanse the data by addressing data quality issues using a number of tools and eventually surface the data to a Data Hub/Warehouse to ensure a central repository where all financial and other reporting related data is stored. CT Global Solutions’ reporting solution leverages the centralized data hub/warehouse, automated data integration, along with financial modelling and reporting tools to enable efficient reporting and analysis.

  • The value of financial diagnostic and analytic information
  • Priorities for technology and business information solutions to transform profit growth
  • SAS tools needed to support profit enhancing initiatives
  • Strategies for improving financial and analytic processes to reduce cost and improve compliance and governance
  • The sources of return on investment from profit driving technology and business information solutions
  • A detailed plan and timeline for execution including technology acquisition, solution design and implementation
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Cloud Option
We are able to host your SAS solution on the cloud or on premises as desired. The cloud option eliminates the need for the Information Technology department to acquire, set up and maintain servers at the customer location.

For peace of mind, security can be set to the desired level, including a very high level of security. Cloud hosting also reduces the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware.
Visualization and Reporting
Gain valuable insights and create interactive dashboards and reports with SAS® Visual Analytics.

Visual analysis and exploration provides a powerful yet easy-to-adopt solution for enterprise-wide data analysis, exploration
and display.
  • Apply geographical contexts (maps) – Location factors’ impact |Location specific opportunities
  • Drive business results with data-backed insights – Easy-to-use predictive analytics |Data driven decisions |No Programming | Visualizations | Smart Algorithms
  • See the Big Picture – Visual Data Exploration | Automated Analysis | Critical Driver Identification |Discover Key Insights
  • Understand what’s happening – Interactive Dashboards | Summarize & Share KPI’s |Device Independent | Slice and Dice Results
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CT Global Solutions offer a wide range of support contracts to ensure customer success. Support contracts vary by solution, client requirements, available client resources and anticipated changes to the solution scope and scale. For each support option, CT Global provides a dedicated Engagement Director who maintains communications and serves as the point of escalation and mitigation of any risk.

Support Options include:

  • Solution Handoff
  • Software Maintenance & Platform Admin
  • Processing, Reporting & Analysis
  • Upgrades & Modernization
Go-Live Support
Support Options
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