Profit Analytics

Determine and measure your true costs and profitability by customer, product, or channel


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Improve the profitability of products, customers, segments, channels etc.
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Streamline Processes
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Deliver Revenue Growth

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Reduce Costs
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Learn How and Where to Improve Profitability
Reduce Cost Icon (Green)
Reduce Costs
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Learn How and Where to Improve Profitability
Revenue Growth Icon (Green)
Deliver Revenue Growth

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Streamline Processes
Goal Icon (Green)
Improve the profitability of products, customers, segments, channels etc.
Typically, about 20% of customers are unprofitable, and without applying profit analytics, it’s impossible to know which customers are profitable and which are not.

Only a multi-dimensional profit model parsed by channel, product, customer, segment, and similar metrics can accurately identify the key drivers of profitability. If this profit information is not available in the financial system, BI reporting layers cannot report what they don’t have.

With 30 years in the field and delivering more than 100 SAS CPM solutions, CT Global Solutions has unparalleled experience in cost-profit analytics design and implementation. CT Global’s President and co-founder Peter B. Turney, PhD, pioneered cost and profitability management solutions and developed the first commercial profit analytics software.

Stakeholder needs, decision requirements, and convenient reporting are critical considerations in designing a CPM solution. Competing solutions providers lack the experience to pull your financial data into a coherent model with actionable insights. In fact, CT Global is frequently asked to rescue failed implementations. Our CPM solutions provide a true breakdown of profitability on key business dimensions.
" Your planning is only as good as your data, base your decisions on accurate data instead of intuition "

What Can You Do?

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Profitability

Allocate the right product in the right locations

Gain insight into customer segmentation & customer behaviour models

Predict the resource implications of changes in output demand measuring

Price optimization, Accuractely price your products and services based on your activity

Allocation marketing and promotion spend

More effectively engage customers

Understand available resources and Schedules

Know the impacts of your marketing efforts

What-if scenario planning

Identify your
most valuable customers

Identify, Measure, and analyse your key cost drivers

Improve efficiency by managing costs and improving processes

Understand what drive profitability at the transaction or activity level

Increase visibility of your profitable measurements and tie to your financial KPI’s

Identify Your Most
Valuable Customer
Customer Lifetime
Gain Insight Into Customer
Segmentation & Customer Behaviour Models
Predict the Resource Implications of Changes in Output Demand Measuring
Price Optimization:
Accurately Price Your
Products & Services Based
on Your Activity
Allocation Marketing
& Promotion Spend
More Effectively
Engage Customers
Understand Available
Resources & Schedules
Know the Impacts of Your Marketing Efforts
Unused Capacity
What-If Scenario Planning
Simulation Analysis
Allocate the Right Product
in the Right Locations
Identify, Measure, & Analyze Your Key Cost Drivers
Improve Efficiency by
Managing Costs & Improving Processes
Increase Visibility of Your Profitable Measurements & Tie to Your Financial KPI's
Understand What Drives Profitability at the Transaction or Activity Level
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