Manash R. Ray, PhD

Dr. Ray is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CT Global
Solutions, Inc. He is responsible for executing the SAS for Finance initiative successfully to provide sustaining value to CT Global’s clients.

He has developed innovative solutions in finance for over twenty-five years. His areas of expertise include financial and analytic modeling for profit improvement, inventory optimization, cost management, pricing, and financial planning. In addition to operations, Dr. Ray is involved in creative solution design for a wide variety of applications.

Dr. Ray is a frequent presenter at professional conferences and has delivered many executive workshops and presentations. He is the author of a book on Quality Management, which documents current quality practices and provides case studies of Baldrige award winning companies. He has published many articles on finance and analytics in leading journals, including Management Science, Decision Sciences, Journal of Cost Management, and Internal Auditor. He was previously the co-editor of the Guide to Cost Management, the authoritative professional publication in the field.

Dr. Ray received a PhD. from the Pennsylvania State University in Business Administration with minors in Operations Research and Management Information Systems and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management with concentrations in finance and operations research.


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