Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant Portal

Companies gain control over what is changed and it meets all internal control requirements. CT Global has deployed this solution for banks.

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Data Hub and Reporting

Build a solid foundation for financial reporting and analysis employing enterprise-class data preparation tools to facilitate regulatory compliance and good data governance practices.

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Technical Services

SAS Software Install/Upgrade We provide technical and consulting services to perform installation and configuration for SAS software such as SAS CPM, SAS VA, SAS FM, and SAS CP&M. We install and configure in different environments including Windows, Linux, and distributed settings. In addition to new installs, we upgrade clients to a new version of the […]

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Profit Analytics

CT Global’s Profit Analytics solution is powered by the SAS Cost and Profitability Solution (SAS CPM). CT Global has a leadership position in this space with over 25 years of experience with the earliest and the most current version of software such as OROS, SAS ABM and SAS CPM respectively. Since 2014, CT Global is the sole implementer of these solutions.

The CT Global Profit Analytics solutions address business needs by providing accurate cost analysis and assignments to derive true costs and profitability which is used to increase revenues, improve profit margins, optimize processes and reduce costs.

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Financial Decision and Planning Workbench

CT Global utilizes a high-power collaborative financial workbench for decision analysis, budgeting and planning, and consolidation and reporting.

This solution enhances Finance’s stakeholder role and strategic influence in situations where risk, compliance, profits, and financial position are materially impacted. It is used to support complex, interactive, repetitive decisions with financial impact which is traditionally handled through MS Excel sheets with complex formulas.

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