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Advisory Services

Successful execution of strategy requires focused technology and business solutions. CT Global Solutions’ Advisory Services provide this focus, and the detail to execute successfully and profitably. Clients receive a road map to address critical business needs and strategic challenges. This road map includes:
o The value of financial diagnostic and analytic information
o Priorities for technology and business information solutions to transform profit growth
o SAS tools needed to support profit enhancing initiatives
o Strategies for improving financial and analytic processes to reduce cost and improve compliance and governance
o The sources of return on investment from profit driving technology and business information solutions
o A detailed plan and timeline for execution including technology acquisition, solution design and implementation

Implementation Services

Implementation services transform the client road map into a working solution using SAS technology. This solution delivers immediate value and continuing return on investment. Implementation services include:
• Detailed solution design
• Creation of models and other structures within the SAS tools to reflect the client’s specific strategy, business environment, data sources and internal decision and planning needs
• Integration of analytics including predictive models, optimization and data mining to achieve the desired results
• Full automation of the solution using SAS data integration tools
• Information delivery to business users to enable profit improving decisions

Solution Modernization

Clients with existing SAS Cost and Profitability Management and SAS Financial Management software may benefit from new functionality in the most recent release. Modernization services to create additional value include:
• Migration of solutions to the latest technology
• Improved data integration and automation
• More powerful analysis and reporting
• Model redesign
• Use of predicative analytics and scenario development

Data Management

Data Management is an important preliminary component of implementing solutions, as well as an ongoing need. Common client data management needs include:
• Resolve Data cleansing, data integration, data quality, data preparation, data governance and master data management needs using SAS technology
• Develop SAS data hubs for dedicated solutions and work with existing data warehouses and facilitate data movement and automation of ETL processes.
• Connect to various data sources for analysis and reporting purposes.
• Convert existing ETL processes to improve efficiency.

Reporting – Visualization & Exploration

Reporting services ensure that analysts and business users are able to access, analyze and project the information derived from the SAS solutions. These services include design and implementation of:
• Reporting environments, structures and drill down paths for different groups of users
• Visual data exploration and discovery to find relationships, trends, discrepancies etc.
• High performance analytics including correlation analysis, forecasting, and predictive modeling
• Self-service hierarchies to allow creation of new hierarchies and custom categories on the fly
• In memory big data applications

SAS Software Sales

As a SAS Software Reseller, we help our clients identify the precise technology to power the targeted financial, data management and reporting solutions. Examples of SAS software available for resale include:
• SAS Cost and Profitability Management
• SAS Financial Management
• SAS Visual Analytics Reporter
• SAS Visual Analytics Explorer
• SAS Visual Statistics
• SAS Data Integration
• SAS Enterprise Guide
• SAS Enterprise Miner
• SAS Data Quality
• SAS Office Analytics
• SAS Text Miner

The SAS Reseller program requires that CT Global Solutions meets the same high standards in the areas of market knowledge, vision, integrity, and customer satisfaction that SAS sets for itself. CT Global Solutions is the only SAS reseller to offer SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS CPM) and SAS Financial Management (SAS FM). CT Global is the designated reseller and partner for the SAS for Finance program offered by the Commercial Business Unit of SAS.

CT Global offers affordable licensing and payment options for its clients. These options include yearly or monthly payment terms, as well as bundling of implementation services, solution support and cloud hosting costs with the SAS license fees.

Managed Analytics Services Program (MASP)

We offer specific Managed Analytics Services Programs (MASP) where software is hosted on the cloud and clients pay a monthly fee for reports and analysis. Technical support is provided at two levels: support related to performance and solution support related to the specific solution being hosted. CT Global Solutions currently has MASP solutions for Payment Processors and Community Banks.  More details are available under Solutions and Current Campaigns.

Technology Services

SAS Software Install/Upgrade

We provide technical and consulting services to perform installation and configuration for SAS software such as SAS CPM, SAS VA, SAS FM, and SAS CP&M. We install and configure in different environments including Windows, Linux, and distributed settings.

In addition to new installs, we upgrade clients to a new version of the SAS platform and solution software. In addition to installation and migration, our upgrade services include model enhancements, data work and report design.

SAS Platform Administration and Solution Support

We provide SAS Platform Administration services at various SLA levels including 24/7 support. Typically platform administration support is provided for specific applications developed for clients. We also offer off-shore platform administration support to ensure 24/7 coverage around the world. Technical support is provided at two levels: technical support related to performance and solution support related to the specific solution being hosted. We enter into SLAs and provide weekly reports related to issues and resolution times, along with other metrics.

Cloud Hosting

Take away the cost and bother of buying, managing and maintaining servers! CT will manage your SAS solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers. Letting us manage your application on AWS will lead to a faster ROI, guaranteed uptime, and reduced load on your IT team while providing a 24×7 support structure. For peace of mind, security can be set to the desired level, including a very high level of security. Cloud hosting also reduces the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware.

Custom Application Development

Design of custom applications around SAS solutions to address client needs. This enables clients to supplement current off the shelf functionality of software solutions. Services include design of special analytics applications such as forecasting and optimization that are integrated with current software.
CT Global also designs and develops custom user interfaces (UI’s) for web and mobile applications for SAS. An example is developing an iPad app for use by sales to access algorithms working in SAS Financial Management to support price negotiations with customers.


CT Global’s Profit Analytics solution is powered by the SAS Cost and Profitability Solution (SAS CPM). CT Global has a leadership position in this space with over 25 years of experience with the earliest and the most current version of software such as OROS, SAS ABM and SAS CPM respectively. Since 2014, CT Global is the sole implementer of these solutions.

The CT Global Profit Analytics solutions address business needs by providing accurate cost analysis and assignments to derive true costs and profitability which is used to increase revenues, improve profit margins, optimize processes and reduce costs. Application areas include:
• Product Management – design, select and price products based on profitability and not just revenue potential.
• Accurate customer profitability computations and analysis – down to each individual customer/member.
• Segmentation – segment customers by combining customer profitability numbers and scores with demographic data.
• Marketing – include customer profitability measures in determining optimal campaigns and offers for customer segments.
• Operations –target products with lower than target margins and identify strategies to reduce cost and hit targets.
• True cost of logistics and supply chain – determine the true cost of logistics and supply chain include the true impact of outsourcing decisions.
• Regulatory Compliance – Profit Analytics is a cost-effective solution to regulatory analysis and reporting.

CT Global utilizes a high-power collaborative financial workbench for decision analysis, budgeting and planning, and consolidation and reporting. This solution enhances Finance’s stakeholder role and
strategic influence in situations where risk, compliance, profits, and financial position are materially impacted. It is used to support complex, interactive, repetitive decisions with financial impact which is traditionally handled through MS Excel sheets with complex formulas. The solution is powered by SAS Financial Management (SAS FM) and covers the following areas:

• Decision Analytics – utilizes SAS analytics such as forecasting and optimization routines within the financial workbench to do scenario analysis and derive optimal pricing, optimal inventories and optimal workforce requirements. Utilizes process and workflow that meets controllership and governance standards.
• Budgeting and Planning — increases the quality of the budgeting process by shifting analyst and manager time from preparation to value-added analysis. Eases communications and speeds up planning cycles using workflow control and enterprise collaboration.
• Consolidation and Reporting — close the books efficiently and quickly where ownership rules,
intercompany transactions, currency translation, and other factors increase consolidation and reporting
complexity. Meet all accounting and regulatory requirements while using a fully compliant process.
• Inventory and merchandize planning — incorporate demand forecasting and inventory optimization into the planning process. The workbench can be used as part of S&OP process as well as financial planning and scenario analysis.

CT Global offers a solution powered by SAS that helps financial institutions automate and improve their Loan Portfolio Performance analysis. For many institutions, this is done through MS Excel sheets which involve manual effort and valuable time of analysts. The CT Global solution uses SAS technology to automate the creation of Principal Decay Curves, Cumulative Loss Curves, Principal Payment Curves and Interest & Fees Payment Curves. Our implementation includes data management for customer segmentation and provides a custom UI for automatic loading of data, generation of curves and export to financial planning and budgeting templates.

CT Global offers implementation services to financial services firms for meeting regulatory requirements such as CCAR and DFAST. This compliance solution is powered by SAS Capital Planning and Management.  The solution enables institutions to estimate capital surpluses or deficits under baseline and stress scenarios. Implementation includes development of projected balance sheets, income statements and Risk-Weighted Assets (RWA).  The solution enables financial institutions to develop forward-looking capital plans supported by detailed asset and liability planning under various adverse scenarios. It also enables capital allocation and risk-based monitoring of capital at various levels.

In partnership with SAS, CT Global Solutions offers a Managed Analytics Services Program (MASP) for two select industries: Payment Processors and Small Community Banks. The solutions are powered by SAS Cost and Profitability Management software (SAS CPM). The highlights of the program are as follows:
• Customized Profit Analytics solution built for the specific industry.
• Quick implementation
• Software hosted on the cloud
• Monthly model runs and reporting done by CTGlobal Solutions
• No upfront cost to clients – equal monthly payments cover cost of solution, implementation, reporting and maintenance
• CT Global provides monthly maintenance as part of the MASP contract.
• The impact on the information technology department is minimal. If the bank selects the cloud-based solution, no hardware is required onsite.


CT Global Solutions is a reseller and GOLD alliance partner of the SAS Institute. By combining industry knowledge and domain expertise with SAS software and latest technology, CT Global Solutions is able to uniquely offer comprehensive, turnkey solutions to clients. SAS is one of the largest privately held software companies and a global leader in analytics.  SAS has over 70,000 customer sites in 139 countries.


About Us

Company Profile:

Since 1991 CT Global Solutions has helped hundreds of public and private sector organizations improve performance and create value by delivering the knowledge and insight needed to make every decision count for financial and business success.
We deliver value to clients with solutions powered by SAS technology and leveraging our unique knowledge and experience. CT Global’s unique differentiators include:

•Helped create the field of profitability diagnostics, modeling and analytics
•Thought leaders on Activity Based Costing (ABC) and Activity Based Management (ABM), publishing the best-selling book in the field
•Co-founded ABC Technologies, the company that developed the first commercially available profit analytics software tool (OROS) which was acquired by SAS in 2002.
•Participated in the continued evolution of the SAS Cost and Profitability Management Solution (SAS CPM)
•25 years of experience implementing profitability diagnostics using multiple solutions including SAS ABM / SAS CPM
•20 years of experience implementing Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) and Financial Modeling
Our mission is to empower our clients with creative solutions powered by the latest technology that leverage all of the data to make better decisions and meet business objectives. Our end-to-end turnkey implementation methodology includes data management, solution design, implementation and support.


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