Large Banks

CT Global’s experience shows that large banks share the same goal of increasing profits while minimizing risk and complying with banking regulations. At the same time, large banks are more complex and diverse than smaller banks. This complexity and diversity includes broader product offerings, more customer segments, markets and channels, and global reach.

The key to growing profits at large banks is to create an environment where everyone understands the factors that influence profitability and has the tools to improve profitability. This is possible with CT Global Solutions’ bank profit reporting and analysis solution. This solution provides all the analytic needs to understand and improve all dimensions of the banks business. It also enables a global bank profit responsibility reporting system where every business unit of the bank has the knowledge, authority and motivation to improve the profits they control.

Mid-Tier Banks

CT Global Solutions understands the challenges facing mid-tier banks and their need for solutions that help grow profits at their banks.

Mid-tier banks have a competitive disadvantage relative to big banks that have lower cost of funds. In addition, it is difficult to grow profits in an environment of low interest rates, decreased loan growth, increased loan competition, adverse balance sheet structure, and the impact of new regulations and changing technology.

In this environment, the strategic options open to mid-tier banks include acquisition of other banks, reducing the cost of operations, reducing the cost of regulatory reporting, and growing profitable customers, and selling products through the best channels, and optimizing the loan portfolio. All these strategies benefit from CT Global’s banking solutions.

Community Banks

Our dedicated solution for Community Banks is driven by a passion that small banks and credit unions should be able to access the same Profit Analytics that are employed by the big banks and the larger regional banks.

CT Global Solutions has developed a custom Profit Analytics solution for Community Banks. The solution is powered by SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS CPM). The solution is offered under the Managed Analytics Services Program (MASP) where the software is hosted and clients pay a fixed monthly amount for services.

The solution enables smaller banks and credit unions to quickly derive insights into the drivers of profitability and improve financial results.

  • Which products and customers are profitable?
  • Where are the cost reduction opportunities?
  • What are the drivers of profitability?

CT Global Solutions has data input templates where clients can input data. These are automatically imported into our templates to run a pre-built, standard model. The solution, which includes pre-built, standard templates, provides detailed cost and revenue assignments and creates reports for business users and analysts. The reports provide insights into cost and profitability for products, customers and locations. The reporting environment, powered by SAS Visual Analytics (VA) provides self-help and drill down capabilities.

The main features of this solution are as follows:

  • No payment for software – whether client chooses cloud or on-site offering.
  • Models are pre-built for banks of this size.
  • CT Global runs the models and provides reports each month. There is no need for a bank analyst to maintain the solution.
  • The impact on the information technology department is minimal. If the bank selects the cloud-based solution, no hardware is required onsite.
  • Banks pay an affordable monthly subscription fee


CT Global’s Manufacturing practice benefits from over three decades of pioneering work in this industry. CT Global was one of the first to resolve limitations of standard costing, and today we are at the leading edge leveraging analytics to create measurable improvements in profitability.

Our solutions for Manufacturing include:

  • Demand Driven Planning & Optimization utilizing SAS DDPO to perform multi echelon demand forecasting for all product SKUs and locations and generate optimal inventory levels at each location.
  • Profit Analytics using SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS CPM) to derive true cost and margins for products, customers, channels and locations.
  • Customer Analytics such as customer segmentation and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
  • Managing Service Contract Profitability – our Service Revenue Optimization solution utilizes SAS Financial Management (SAS FM) and SAS technology to forecast warranty claims; enable adequate reserves; plan revenue from service plans and set optimal pricing for service contracts.
  • Targeted Analytics such as forecasting for new products, pricing optimization and vendor performance management.

Gaming and Hospitality

Like banks, gaming and hospitality companies process large amounts of data without fully understanding the financial and risk implications. Our solutions to address these omissions include:

  • Financial Planning & Analysis utilizing SAS Financial Management (SAS FM) for external (and internal) reporting & consolidation; budgeting, forecasting and scenario analysis.
  • Profit Analytics using SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS CPM) to derive true cost and margins for products, patrons, channels and locations.
  • Customer analytics such as patron profitability; profit scoring and segmentation; Profitable patron-product-channel combinations; Patron Lifetime Value (PLV).
  • Reporting & Visualization including forecasting and scenario analysis.
  • Targeted Analytics such as: Workforce planning for gaming, hospitality and amenities; Pricing optimization by offer category and patron segment; Forecasting and price optimization for hospitality by room type, season; Shopping cart analysis by patron segments to enable custom offers; etc.
  • Sentiment Analysis of Social Media to review performance benchmarked against competition and drive patron segmentation and optimized offers.


CT Global Solutions understands the Transportation industry’s specific needs for improving financial and operating performance. We have developed solutions that address these needs, including:

  • Total Cost of Ownership for Fleet & Equipment utilizing SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS CPM) to provide true cost of acquiring, operating, maintaining and disposing of assets for each unit.
  • Fleet Profitability Analysis utilizing SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS CPM) to provide profitability by fleet category, customer, product type and routes.
  • Fleet & Equipment Replacement Optimization to he right replacement decisions. Using data about the Total Cost of Ownership, the solution provides companies with fleet replacement optimization which generates savings in capital and operating budgets.
  • Fleet & Equipment Planning utilizing SAS Financial Management (SAS FM) to support budgeting, planning and financial analysis such as lease versus purchase decisions, right size fleet and perform financial scenario analysis to determine the right ordering point, etc.


CT Global Solutions’ banking practice includes large banks, mid-tier banks between $5 and $50 billion in assets, and community banks below $5 billion asset size. Our experience with all sizes and types of banks allows us to formulate solutions that address banks’ critical needs. These needs include data, reporting, analytics, cost and profit analysis, planning, and CECL compliance. Our banking solutions are scaled to fit the size, need and affordability of the bank.

Banking solutions for Finance include:

  • Profit Analytics using SAS Cost & Profitability Management (CPM) to provide product, branch, customer and channel profitability analysis.
  • Global bank profit responsibility reporting system where every business unit of the bank has the knowledge, authority and motivation to improve profitability.
  • Advisory Services to review strategy, goals, current state to develop technology and an analytics road map for the execution of a profit improvement plan.
  • Data Management & Reporting -- design and implementation of a compliant data and reporting solution for Finance. This solution eliminates data churn and manual reporting and resolves process inefficiencies and lack of compliance.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliant portal developed with SAS technology to host lookup tables within a secure portal with access control and records of all activities. The SOX solution meets Internal Audit and External Auditors’ requirements for Internal Controls.
  • CECL compliance including data preparation and management and a solution to meet CECL compliance.
  • Targeted Analytics for customer segmentation and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) analysis.
  • Excel Replacement using SAS Financial Management (SAS FM) to automate manual work flows, increase accuracy and enable analysts to focus on value added tasks.

We Offer Customized Solutions for Banks of All Sizes

Real Examples of Banking Solutions


CT Global Solutions has developed a custom Profit Analytics solution for the Fintech industry. The solution is powered by SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS CPM). It is offered as a service where the software is hosted and clients pay a fixed monthly amount for the software, services and hosting. The solution will enable Fintech companies to:

  • Make more accurate marketing and operational decisions leading to improved profits and a positive ROI.
  • Gain insights into drivers of profitability to enable computation of profit lift based on transaction volume changes by merchant/customer type.
  • Compute customer profitability and customer lifetime value (CLV) to enable more precise segmentation and targeting.
  • Increased return on marketing spend and increased retention of profitable customers.
  • Accurately estimate fully loaded cost of transactions.
  • Accurately estimate resource requirements at process and network level.
  • Reduce regulatory and compliance costs from automation of profit reporting.
  • Perform exploration, visualization and reporting through high performance, flexible rules driven modeling environment

In addition, CT Global Solutions provides white label solutions to help Fintech companies monetize data and offer revenue-generating products to their client base.


Communication, Media, and Entertainment

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face a business environment where core offerings are increasingly commoditized and traditional telecom service revenues erode. Major players are migrating to diversified offerings that include digital services such as voice/data, mobile and media. New product and service development into adjacent markets seems to a priority.

As CSPs create new services for adjacent markets, configuring partner-vendor-customer segment combinations that yield target margins will be critical. One important enabler of such a competency is the integration of Profit Analytics and Revenue Assurance.

Real Examples of Communication, Media, and Entertainment Solutions


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