What Is Demand Planning?

Demand Planning is the accurate & scalable forecasting of the supply and demand chain that also creates supply plans for decisions that support forecasted demand and improve business & financial performance.

Demand Planning answers questions like “How can we understand our customer needs better?” and “How can I predict the sale of a new product?”

Demand Planning Saves Time & Reduces Analytical Effort.

Demand Planning provides an efficient, automated process for extracting, transforming, and loading data that greatly improves efficiency as well as analyst value. Prior to implementing their Demand Planning Solution, analysts may spend as much as 80% of their time on manual tasks.

With a Demand Planning Solution in place, the percent of time spent on manual tasks declines to 20% of work effort, allowing value-added analysis to take place & permitting data scientists to focus on just the 10% of forecasts that need review & possible adjustment.

Demand Planning Benefits Your Logistics & Supply Chain

A Demand Planning Solution increases forecast accuracy & reduces the effort required to complete those forecasts. Demand Planning, using machine learning & artificial intelligence, creates “champion forecasts” that, in turn, increases sales, customer satisfaction, lowers inventories, & drives financial success.

A Demand Planning Solution also creates:

  • Lower Inventory & Higher Service Levels through improved forecast accuracy
  • Less Obsolesce & Mark Downs, increasing sell-through & decreasing waste 
  • Improved Planner & Marketing Productivity with fewer spreadsheets
  • Fewer “Out of Stocks,” increasing revenue
  • A Scalable Infrastructure for the Planning Process by providing financial & analytical processes
  • Multi-echelon Optimization Techniques to reduce inventory, set prices, determine staffing levels, & other complex decisions