Demand Driven Planning and Optimization (Demand and Supply Planning) is an integrated and modular suite of products that enable S&OP and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process. It includes advanced analytics for both demand and supply forecasting, demand-supply planning and consensus management, new product forecasting, inventory optimization, and advanced dashboards and reporting including SAS’s Visual Analytics. Demand and Supply Planning also includes award-winning access engines and data quality to manage your source data to ensure dependable results.

Who uses SAS Demand and Supply Planning?
95% of fortune 1,000 companies rely on SAS for analytics and especially forecasting to improve their supply chain results. These include CPG companies, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation (Rail, Airlines, Surface), Government, logistics, distribution, medical supply, hospitals, energy, and more.

Forecast Accuracy is the key to supply chain success. Poor forecast accuracy (both on the demand and supply side) leads to over or under supply, obsolescence, production snafu’s, excessive transportation expenses, and poor marketing decisions. While you hear a lot about AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), SAS actually has deployed these concepts in thousands of companies. Patents for AI and ML in forecasting demand and supply include automation, which allows clients to deploy advanced models (such as causal models) without statistical knowledge. Combined with scalability, this allows millions of forecast combinations to be deployed quickly and seamlessly with a greater degree of accuracy providing less human intervention for demand/supply overrides – leading to greater trust and productivity. Furthermore, scenario planning (what-if) on both supply and demand provides planning you need to better asset utilization at a lower cost and higher service level.-

Consensus Planning integrates and deploys, with workflow, the Demand and Supply Plans in a friendly workbench environment. This allows demand planners and supply planners to coordinate their efforts to enable S&OP and/or IBP processes. Demand – Supply plans can be expressed with different units of measures, be converted to financial plans in different currencies, provide comprehensive reconciliations, and integrate profit and revenue planning as well as price optimization.

Inventory (Supply) and Network Optimization uses SAS’s award-winning Operations Research (OR) to ensure optimized supply based on input parameters and constraints such as forecast variance, lead time, various costs, shelf life, etc. Included is what-if analysis and replenishment. Additionally, network optimization can be enabled to ensure optimized flows of product through a multi-echelon supply chain.

Visual Analytics provides the optional reporting portal for supply chain exceptions, executive dashboards, alerts, competitive analysis, risk assessment and much more.

Data Access and Data Quality is often the keystone of the project’s success. Therefore, included in the Demand and Supply Planning package is your choice of access engines (SAP, Oracle, etc.) and data quality products to flag missing values, duplicates, timestamps and impute correct variables.

Creating an enterprise analytics platform culture with an emphasis on forecasting leveraging time-series, machine learning, deep learning algorithms, and causal factors, should be #1 in corporate IT priorities.

CT Global Solutions is a SAS Preferred Gold Partner for implementing SAS Demand Drive Planning and Optimization (Demand and Supply Planning).  

SAS Demand Planning and Optimization is now SAS Intelligent Planning Suite.