“We needed a more analytical and automated approach to predict what merchandise needs to be where and the ability to integrate those forecasts across our planning and execution functions. We selected SAS as the analytics platform to move our company forward. We piloted the software and were impressed with its forecast accuracy.”

– Vice President of Planning, Inventory, and Pricing

A large retailer in the home goods category needed:

  • A better way to predict sales impact from promotions so they could have the right amount of inventory in each of their 1,200 retail stores, ready for their customers to purchase.
  • A better forecasting system to localize product trends and determine the impact of each of the 25,000 products sold in their stores.
  • A better way to include promotional and seasonal considerations into their forecasts.
  • And integrate all of the above into their existing supply chain logistics software.
  • Solutions built on SAS® Demand-Driven Forecasting and SAS® Visual Analytics were used to meet their requirements.

The results:

  • Better forecasts met customer demand and improved the performance of promotional and regular merchandise through improved inventory placement.
  • Improved product availability, which led to more customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • An easy-to-use and easy-to-understand graphical display for data insights.
  • SAS Visual Analytics offers interactive reporting, visual discovery, self-service analytics, scalability, and governance. All from a single, powerful in-memory environment.
  • SAS Demand-Drive Forecasting combines the power of automation, analytics, and workflow to generate the most unbiased and accurate consensus forecast on a large-scale basis.

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