Leveraging analytics to reduce costs, drive profitability and improve operating performance.

Drive Efficiencies for Transportation & Logistics

CT Global Solutions understands that Transportation and logistics are looking to drive additional efficiencies that will improve financial and operational performances.

30 years of Helping Transportation Companies…

  • Total Cost of Ownership for Fleet & Equipment; True cost of acquiring, operating, maintaining and disposing of assets for each unit.
  • Fleet Profitability Analysis & Profit Analytics; Report profit by product, geo, lane, hub, center, driver, route, customer, segment, industry, and other key profit dimensions; leveraging pricing, customer segmentation, marketing, sales, supply chain etc.
  • Route Optimization
  • Demand Planning & Improved Forecast Accuracy
  • Fleet & Equipment Replacement Optimization
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Optimizing Supply Chain; Improved Service Levels, Reductions in inventory
  • Fleet & Equipment Planning & Prioritization