Connecting people and goods in South Dakota through a safe, efficient, and effective transportation system is one of the South Dakota Department of Transportation’s (SDDOT) biggest responsibilities. SDDOT’s goal is to provide transportation facilities that meet the needs of the public.

Measuring, tracking, and managing performance information is critical to a government agency. This is the information used in justifying budget requests to the legislature and governor, implementing mandated budget cuts, and communicating critical data inside and outside the department. SDDOT was working within the constraints of South Dakota’s antiquated financial system and faced continuous pressure to deliver accurate forecasts and cut costs, but couldn’t learn the extent of and location of their inefficiencies.

CT GLobal designed an award-winning performance management SAS solution

SDDOT needed a robust cost information solution that would help them make key decisions in areas like equipment replacement. They reached out to CT Global to design and implement a performance management solution to address their issuesBuilt on SAS Cost and Profitability Management and SAS Strategy Management, the software integrated performance, cost, financial process, and resource analytics into a single system. Included were strategy maps, balanced scorecards, activity-based costing, process improvement, budgets and equipment replacement, maintenance costs, and more. The SAS solution also included a standardized forecasting process, standard data entry forms, and business rules for converting functional costs to product costs.

CT Global developed an optimized forecasting process using world-class financial planning and forecasting tools. The solution resulted in cost savings of $2.5 Million on identified process improvements and initial savings on the cost of replacing and maintaining equipment of up to $6 million. CT Global’s solution generates monthly reports on cost information, a comprehensive measurement and performance tracking system, a complete audit trail, and it complies with Sarbanes-Oxley.

The SDDOT won the Federal Highway Administration’s 2003 Award for Excellence in Right-of-Way for the CT Global performance management system.