SAS Software Install/Upgrade

We provide technical and consulting services to perform installation and configuration for SAS software such as SAS CPM, SAS VA, SAS FM, and SAS CP&M. We install and configure in different environments including Windows, Linux, and distributed settings.

In addition to new installs, we upgrade clients to a new version of the SAS platform and solution software. In addition to installation and migration, our upgrade services include model enhancements, data work and report design.

SAS Platform Administration and Solution Support

We provide SAS Platform Administration services at various SLA levels including 24/7 support. Typically platform administration support is provided for specific applications developed for clients. We also offer off-shore platform administration support to ensure 24/7 coverage around the world. Technical support is provided at two levels: technical support related to performance and solution support related to the specific solution being hosted. We enter into SLAs and provide weekly reports related to issues and resolution times, along with other metrics.

Cloud Hosting

Take away the cost and bother of buying, managing and maintaining servers! CT will manage your SAS solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers. Letting us manage your application on AWS will lead to a faster ROI, guaranteed uptime, and reduced load on your IT team while providing a 24×7 support structure. For peace of mind, security can be set to the desired level, including a very high level of security. Cloud hosting also reduces the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware.

Custom Application Development

Design of custom applications around SAS solutions to address client needs. This enables clients to supplement current off the shelf functionality of software solutions. Services include design of special analytics applications such as forecasting and optimization that are integrated with current software.

CT Global also designs and develops custom user interfaces (UI’s) for web and mobile applications for SAS. An example is developing an iPad app for use by sales to access algorithms working in SAS Financial Management to support price negotiations with customers.


Integration with SAS Visual Analytics lets you jump immediately from model output to a powerful visual toolkit of analysis and exploration.
Complete SAS Business Intelligence capabilities:

  • Web-based reporting, query, analysis and deployment
  • Self-service reporting and analysis


In some cases, our clients already have a solution to their business and technology needs, and this solution needs updating rather than replacement. CT Global Solutions Solution Modernization services include the following:

  • Migration of solutions to the latest technology
  • Migration from SAS ABM to SAS CPM
  • Improved data integration and automation
  • More powerful analysis and reporting
  • Model redesign
  • Use of predictive analytics and scenario development

Data Consolidation

  • Combine data from disparate online and offline data sources to enable users to run queries and reports easily.
  • Data warehousing / data mart capability.
  • Ability to read from / write to nearly any data on any technology platform in batch and real time.
  • Embedded data quality processes.
  • Automated, repeatable process for pulling volumes of data into and from activity-based, decision and planning models.


  • The value of financial diagnostic and analytic information
  • Priorities for technology and business information solutions to transform profit growth
  • SAS tools needed to support profit enhancing initiatives
  • Strategies for improving financial and analytic processes to reduce cost and improve compliance and governance
  • The sources of return on investment from profit driving technology and business information solutions
  • A detailed plan and timeline for execution including technology acquisition, solution design and implementation.

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