• Sense customer demand across every channel
  • Accurate forecasts achieve optimized inventory levels and fewer stock outs.
  • Accurate demand plans ensure the right products are available in the right locations at the right times.
  • Accurate demand planning and forecasting improves revenue and margins with better sell-through rates and better estimation of pricing and promotional impacts.
  • Effectively forecast demand influenced by promotions, holidays, seasonality, weather, and retail trends.
  • Localize assortment and pricing by trade area.
  • Predict and view analytics by customer, capacity, replenishment, fulfillment, assortment, promotion, production, inventory, business systems, financial, supply chain, logistics, and more.

CT Global Solutions has extensive experience in demand & supply planning and has developed custom IP to compliment SAS Analytics.

CT Global has delivered successful demand planning and forecasting soltions for multiple industries… 


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Call Centers


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Food and Beverage