Visual Analysis and Exploration

Companies today want to leverage the power of data in their decisions. For this they need to move beyond spreadsheets and business intelligence. Spreadsheets are powerful personal productivity tools, but when used as an enterprise analytic tool they are unwieldy, manually intensive, lacking in controllership, and non-compliant. Business intelligence provides a graphical display for the results of analysis but do not support creative exploration of the data.

CT Global’s Visual Analysis and Exploration provides a powerful yet easy-to-adopt solution for enterprise-wide data analysis, exploration and display. Using SAS Office Analytics and SAS Visual Analytics, business users can ask questions, try different views and approaches, and build predictive models. They can work within SAS or use SAS within the familiar Microsoft Office. Visual Analysis and Exploration is truly a self-service environment for business users, fostering creativity, collaboration and results.

Acquiring this capability is surprisingly quick and low cost. Installation can be on-premises or on the cloud. Either way, this solution is largely independent of the Information Technology department. In some cases, such as for financial analysis, there may be need to create a data hub to support the analysis, create a Sarbanes-Oxley compliant reporting, or conduct a larger master data management exercise. See CT Global’s Data Hub and Reporting, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant Portal, and Master Data Management solutions.

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