Master Data Management

An effective Master Data Management (MDM) solution sits at the core of effective Enterprise Data strategy. The key benefit of an MDM solution is that it provides a centralized, consolidated repository that serves as the authoritative single source of master data in the Operational, Business and Technical domain. MDM implementation correctly improves enterprise operations. Our MDM solution also improves decision making and governance across the client organization.

Our MDM competency and services include:

  • MDM Advisory and Consulting Services: MDM Strategy, MDM Roadmap, MDM Governance, MDM Assessments
  • MDM Technical Services: Installation and configuration of SAS Master Data Management
  • MDM Implementation Services: Complete development and implementation of a customized solution using SAS Master Data Management. Our implementation team is well versed in Modeling, Aggregating, Storing, and Harmonizing Master Data and ensuring consistent Master Data dissemination across the whole enterprise.
  • MDM Data Quality and Data Governance: Data quality process and rules, Data Assessment, Data profiling and cleansing, Workflows and remediation, Data integration and consolidation, Data Governance & Policies implementation.
  • MDM Post-Implementation Services: Maintenance of the MDM solution and SAS Platform Support.


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