CT Global Solutions is a SAS Gold Partner and SAS Reseller Partner.


CT Global Solutions is an award-winning SAS partner that develops business intelligence applications built on SAS platforms.

Our custom SAS solutions provide business intelligence through data analytics, data mining, predictive modeling, enterprise data management, data quality management, and other data sets. Our user-friendly interface helps businesses quickly understand the key drivers of profitability to improve their planning and decision making.


We combine SAS analytical software with our industry knowledge to present the most comprehensive, complete and scalable financial analytics solutions for business.

Our areas of expertise include Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Education, Government, Health Care, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Media, Entertainment, Retail, Transportation, Telecommunications, Energy, and Utilities.

sas partner

SAS Gold Partner is the highest designation for SAS developers who operate within North America.

sas partner

The SAS Reseller program allows CT Global Solutions to directly sell or use SAS technology to develop custom business intelligence solutions for small, medium, and large enterprise businesses.

As a SAS partner, we utilize SAS software to create custom SAS business solutions to meet your goals.

SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS CPM)

SAS Cost and Profitability Management (previously named SAS ABM), helps a business determine cost and profitability by modeling business processes as cost flows among accounts. SAS CPM helps you make informed decisions that streamline processes, deliver revenue growth and reduce costs across the organization.

SAS Financial Management (SAS FM)

SAS Financial Management delivers enterprise planning, budgeting, consolidation, and reporting in one integrated solution. It enables a business to perform instant consolidations, develop more accurate budgets, report and analyze results, understand revenue, costs and profitability, and manage the execution of strategy. SAS FM allows you to consolidate planning and historical information on demand so stakeholders, decision makers and regulators have up to date, accurate information to base decisions on.

SAS Demand Driven Planning and Optimization (SAS Demand and Supply Planning)

SAS Demand and Supply Planning helps businesses quickly visualize market signals and data to predict outcomes; simulate demand by using what-if scenarios and varying values; support integrated business planning with more accurate demand forecasts and collaborative planning; automate and optimize inventory management based on statistics, business rules and forecasts; accurately forecast new product launches.

SAS Visual Analytics (SAS VA)

SAS Visual Analytics allows every user, even those without advanced analytical skills, to visually explore data, use automated analysis, and examine patterns, trends, and relationships in data. Easy-to-use analytics and visualizations help everyone gain insights into data to help solve business problems.

SAS Enterprise Guide

SAS Enterprise Guide is a graphical user interface which uses point-and-click, menus and wizards to analyze data and publish reports.

As a SAS partner, CT Global will select the best SAS tool to design and implement solutions based on your most critical business challenges.

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