Finance systems lack the combination of financial models and advanced analytics to drive accurate decisions and plans.

The Solution:

A fully automated, controlled, efficient, easy to use finance enterprise solution which provides accurate and compliant financial information for decision making, planning, consolidation, and reporting.

CT Global Solutions is the preferred Gold Partner for implementing SAS Financial Management.

Excel is the preferred choice of analysts but brings unneeded risk, is difficult to audit, lacks documentation, lacks version control, and introduces errors. Financial solutions that eliminate these risks are often so locked down they require weeks for analysts to respond to a simple change to the parameters of a plan or decision.

Finance systems typically lack the combination of financial models and advanced analytics that drive accurate decisions and plans. Intuition can only go so far and can’t compare with the “data scientist in a box” that comes with a SAS powered financial solution.

CT Global’s SAS FM solution helps you perform instant consolidations, develop highly accurate budgets, and thoroughly understand revenue, costs, and profitability. It’s an all-in-one solution for enterprise planning, budgeting, consolidation, and reporting. Planning and historical data can be consolidated on demand so the latest information is available for decision makers and regulatory agencies.

CT Global Solutions understands how to balance the desire of analysts for flexibility with management’s need for controllership, compliance and reduced risk.

With over 16 years of developing financial solutions and more than 100 implementations, we’re experienced in budgeting and consolidation, and Excel replacement and decision support.

Other solutions providers lack the experience and financial and analytic knowledge to pull your financial data into a coherent model with actionable insights.

In one case our client tried and failed 3 times to replace their manual finance process at the cost of millions of dollars. Success came on the 4th attempt with a CT Global finance solution.

CT Global has resolved difficulties for many financial departments

Including replacing thousands of spreadsheets, replacing the most complex applications of Excel, resolving data management and reporting challenges, and improving the value of financial solutions with advanced analytics.

We routinely convert manual, inaccurate and noncompliant “spider webs” of Excel spreadsheets into an enterprise SAS solution that is automated, controlled, and auditable, yet agile and responsive to the needs of analysts and users.

Our solutions are easy and powerful to use yet efficient, timely, accurate and compliant.

Using a SAS FM solution by CT Global, users “self-serve” their need for information through a user interface fine-tuned to their decision and planning needs. Users do not need to be specialists in financial modeling or analytics.

CT Global Solutions is the preferred SAS partner for finance solutions, with best in class technology and unparalleled knowledge.

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