SAS Demand Driven Planning and Optimization (DDPO)

Fluctuating inventory levels lead to stock outages and customer disappointment.

The Solution:

An accurate, data driven forecast of required inventory, assuring sell-through, no stockouts, and increased market share, profit, and customer satisfaction.

CT Global Solutions is a SAS Preferred Gold Partner for implementing SAS Demand Drive Planning and Optimization (DDPO)

Planners spend 80% of their time moving data and jockeying spreadsheets. Managers spend 30% of their time doing the same. This is an inefficient use of resources, is prone to errors, and is incredibly difficult to scale as the business grows.

Additionally, current business planning systems deliver unreliable revenue projections, as they’re based on intuition and spreadsheet solutions. This leads to inaccurate decisions in forecasting, production, ordering, and stocking, which negatively affect sales and profit.

CT Global Solutions designs planning models with SAS DDPO that deliver accurate forecasts and replace manual, error prone, demand planning solutions.

As the global leader in predictive analytics,

CT Global leverages industry experience and best-in-class technology to deliver business solutions which improve revenue and profits.

Using patented algorithms, our SAS DDPO solutions eliminate or reduce variation and uncertainty from the demand forecast, which positively impacts supply chain decisions and brings structure to planning.

The result is a positive impact on revenues, costs, market share, profit, and customer satisfaction, and allows analysts to spend less time on repetitive spreadsheet tasks and manual data organization.

In one case, a client’s quarterly forecasting required more than sixty analysts to manage over 5,000 spreadsheets. It took more than 90 days to complete a forecast, with no time to answer questions, make changes or create new scenarios. CT Global’s SAS DDPO solution cut the forecast time to 30 days, gave analysts time to analyze the results and provide planning and decision support to management.

CT Global routinely converts “spider webs”.

We convert spider webs of Excel spreadsheets into an enterprise SAS DDPO solution that is automated, controlled, and auditable, yet easy to use and responsive to the needs of users. We fine tune the user interface so that anyone can “self-serve” the data they need without being a specialist.

We know that you require demand and supply certainty and a DDPO solution that scales with your business.

Our SAS DDPO solutions replace your inefficient planning process with a fully automated, scalable enterprise solution. Your planners can switch from doing busy work which doesn’t add value to spending more of their time on analysis and business user support.

Get a DDPO solution that gives you the planning support you need without any of the drama.

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