SAS Demand Driven Planning and Optimization (DDPO)

Stockouts equal no sales. We'll help you plan better.

If your planning is efficient and predictable, your results are too, from the first step in your supply chain to the customer who buys your product.

But that requires data that’s clean, efficient, and accurate.

Because bad data and guesswork lead to an inefficient process and poor, unreliable results.

And those unreliable results affect profits.

The solution is to have an accurate, data-driven forecast, which delivers inventory levels you can count on to sell-through and not come up short.

And that efficiency equals more profit.

Your demand forecast drives your integrated business planning (IBP) process and is the largest source of uncertainty.

Improving your demand forecast affects the entire supply chain and has a multiplier effect as it travels along the IBP process. That’s why even marginal forecast improvements have a large proportional effect on revenue, costs, profit, and working capital, not to mention customer satisfaction. Get the demand forecast right and everything else falls into place

In one case, a client’s quarterly forecasting required more than sixty analysts to manage over 5,000 spreadsheets. It took more than 90 days to complete a forecast, with no time to answer questions, make changes or create new scenarios. CT Global’s SAS DDPO solution cut the forecast time to 30 days, gave analysts time to analyze the results and provide planning and decision support to management.

CT Global Solutions is a SAS Preferred Gold Partner for implementing SAS Demand Driven Planning and Optimization (DDPO)

Our preferred status means SAS relies on us to develop the most efficient demand forecast solution for the unique needs of your business. We replace your current error-prone forecasts with a custom SAS DDPO solution that delivers highly accurate forecasts.

CT Global’s software solutions built on SAS DDPO eliminate or reduce uncertainty from your demand forecasts and are fully automated and scalable. They improve your supply chain decisions, bring structure to planning, and improve profits and market share.

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