Most cost-profit analytics solutions fail to accurately identify the true drivers of profitability by channel, product, customer, segment, and similar metrics. Instead, they merely display aggregate costs and revenues.

The Solution: SAS CPM

SAS Cost and Profitability Management is a multi-dimensional profit model which accurately identifies the key drivers of profitability, enabling more effective business decisions.

sas cost and profitability management

Every company has hidden areas of unprofitability.

Typically, about 20% of your customers are unprofitable, and without applying profit analytics, it’s impossible to know which customers fall into this category. Unfortunately, when you increase sales to these customers, you may actually reduce profits.

Only a multi-dimensional profit model can accurately identify the key drivers of profitability. This rich profit information is not available in the financial system, and BI reporting layers cannot report what they don’t have.

CT Global Solutions is the SAS Preferred Gold Partner for implementing SAS Cost and Profitability Management (CPM).

SAS CPM is an analytic application which drives better decisions via more accurate cost modeling. Cost and Profitability Management accurately determines process, product and customer cost and profitability, which allows stakeholders to make informed decisions to streamline processes, deliver revenue growth, and reduce costs. SAS CPM takes data to the next step by turning it into actionable insight, like telling you what actions will make unprofitable customers profitable and how to improve profitability in countless other ways.

With over 27 years in the field and more than 100 CPM implementations, CT Global Solutions has unparalleled experience in cost-profit analytics design and implementation. CT Global’s President and cofounder pioneered cost and profitability management solutions and developed the first commercial profit analytics software.

Stakeholder needs, decision requirements, and convenient reporting are critical considerations in designing a CPM solution. CT Global Solutions provides a true breakdown of profitability on key business dimensions such as customers and channels.

It is important to leverage data accurately to reveal profit sensitivities in every important business dimension. Our SAS CPM solutions help transform your data into multi-dimensional profit information, revealing areas where profitability can be improved.

Competing solutions providers are costly and lack the experience to pull your financial data into a coherent model with actionable insights. In fact, CT Global is frequently asked to replace existing software and rescue failed implementations.

Stop bleeding profits unnecessarily and base your decisions on accurate data instead of intuition.

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CT Global’s SAS CPM solutions are more accurate, more relevant for decision making, and more sustainable with less effort.

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