Imagine feeling confident about your business decisions, eliminating the worry of unforeseen customer demand, market hikes, dips, trends, outliers, and more. Trying to predict customer behavior without a reliable forecasting tool can be risky. In business, you can’t afford to gamble on unpredictability. With SAS and CT Global, you won’t have to. 

SAS® Demand Planning

When it comes to predictive forecasting, CT Global’s Demand Planning Solutions, built on SAS, reduce the uncertainty from your demand forecasts. By using Demand Planning Solutions, you’re able to pinpoint customer demand peaks and valleys, learning what your consumers want, what they don’t want, and what they need an overabundance of right this moment. Having this data will allow you to keep your inventory in the right place, at the right level, at the right time. 

Using Demand Planning not only improves your supply chain decisions, but it brings structure to planning and improves profits and market share. The fully automated and scalable forecasts improve predicted demand, transport, inventory replenishment, and key performance indicator (KPI) alerts. This helps reduce logistics costs, enhances customer satisfaction, equals more profit, and improves your competitive edge.  

With CT Global Solutions SAS® Demand Planning Solutions, you’ll be able to effectively estimate and model optimum inventory levels based on service levels, delivery times, and costs, plus automatically analyze, model, execute and adjust predictions for products and regions. It also helps forecast demand by specific product and outlet, calculates the replenishment frequency of different regions, and determines the optimal transportation schedule.

SAS® Visual Forecasting

Market research has shown that a small improvement in forecast accuracy can have a great impact on business and financial results. With that in mind, SAS® Visual Forecasting is also critical when your demand plans and other forecasts need a little more accuracy. SAS® Visual Forecasting provides a visual and interactive environment for an open forecasting ecosystem. This process quickly and automatically produces not one, but many reliable forecasts. Using visual forecasting allows businesses to quickly develop accurate forecasts in an interactive and visual environment – saving time and creating value across the company.

With the hustle and bustle of the business world, there’s no time for gambling with potential profits versus losses. With demand planning solutions, such as visual forecasting, it’s easy to pinpoint customer peaks and valleys, adjust to them quickly, and no longer be behind the curve. 

To learn more about Easy Demand Planning Solutions and SAS® Visual Forecasting, contact CT Global Solutions today!