leveraging analytics to create measurable improvements in profitability.

CT Global’s Manufacturing practice benefits from over three decades of pioneering work in this industry.

CT Global was one of the first to resolve limitations of standard costing, and today we are at the leading edge leveraging analytics to create measurable improvements in profitability.

Our solutions for Manufacturing include:
  • Revenue Analytics and Profit Optimization uses SAS Demand Driven Planning & Optimization (SAS Demand and Supply Planning) to perform multi-echelon demand forecasting for all product SKUs and locations and generate optimal inventory levels at each location.
  • Profit Analytics using SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS CPM) to derive true cost and margins for products, customers, channels and locations.
  • Customer Analytics such as customer segmentation and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
  • Managing Service Contract Profitability – our Service Revenue Optimization solution utilizes SAS Financial Management (SAS FM) and SAS technology to forecast warranty claims; enable adequate reserves; plan revenue from service plans and set optimal pricing for service contracts.
  • Targeted Analytics such as forecasting for new products, pricing optimization and vendor performance management.

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