Manufacturing: Leveraging analytics to create measurable improvements.

3 Decades of Increasing Profits for Manufacturers

CT Global has been working in Manufacturing for over three decades driving measurable improvements to profitability & optimization.

30 years of helping Manufacturers…

• Analyze & optimize decisions that drive profitability & decrease costs

• Increase forecast accuracy
• Optimize Supply Chain; improve service levels, reduce inventory, make significant gains in revenue and ROI
• Identify patterns & insights related to logistics, sales, pricing & promotions
• Reduce time & effort to produce reports
• Determine new produce forecasts based on similar products

Our Manufacturer Solutions include:

  • Revenue Analytics and Profit Optimization uses SAS Demand Driven Planning & Optimization (SAS Demand and Supply Planning) to perform multi-echelon demand forecasting for all product SKUs and locations and generate optimal inventory levels at each location.
  • Profit Analytics using SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS CPM) to derive true cost and margins for products, customers, channels and locations.
  • Customer Analytics such as customer segmentation and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
  • Managing Service Contract Profitability – our Service Revenue Optimization solution utilizes SAS Financial Management (SAS FM) and SAS technology to forecast warranty claims; enable adequate reserves; plan revenue from service plans and set optimal pricing for service contracts.
  • Targeted Analytics such as forecasting for new products, pricing optimization and vendor performance management.

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