Intelligent Planning Suite

A customer-centric merchandise planning offering for omnichannel businesses

Accurately forecast customer demand with SAS® Intelligent Planning.

The innovative architecture and high-performance forecasting platform in SAS® Intelligent Planning allows merchants to quickly analyze customer demand and collaborate across the organization to develop strategic financial plans, create and manage customer-centric assortments with unlimited dimensions, and dynamically adjust in-season forecasts to changing demand and inventory conditions.

CT Global Solutions is the preferred Gold Partner for implementing SAS Visual Analytics with extensive knowledge in profitability, planning and S&OP.

Demand Planning

  • Deploy Advanced Causal Models
  • Automated AI & ML
  • Scenario & Seasonal Planning
  • Large scale modeling, forecasting & optimization

Assortment Planning

  • Tailor and plan your assortment mix
  • Design ideal plans that maximize sales while minimizing costs and increasing company performance
  • Capacity Planning
  • Replenishment & Fulfilment

Financial Planning

  • Friendly Workflow Environment
  • Seamless enablement of S&OP and/or IBP processes
  • Integrated Profit and Revenue Planning
  • Common user interface across modules


Demand Planning workbench to generate highly accurate forecasts. Calculate the impact of promotions

Consensus planning &  Scenario Analysis

 Managing Financial Targets


Visualize and analyse Demand & Financial Plans