Health and Life Sciences

Healthcare providers are under intense pressure to contain costs and deliver care to a diverse patient base under multiple delivery contract and payment methods. Care is often idiosyncratic with similar patients taking different paths through the system, and a lack of standardization of practice including using different procedures, drugs, devices, tests and equipment for the same medical procedure.

What is the cost of each procedure, and what is the impact on revenue? Is it possible to compare outlay levels for certain forms of treatment with the DRG charge? How easy is it to benchmark with other providers and discover potential savings and best practices? Can you analyze departmental activities allowing more cost-effective operating practices and budgetary savings?
CT Global’s solutions offer respite from all these challenges, and help healthcare providers succeed in today’s diverse and rapidly changing healthcare environment. Master Data Management, Visual Analytics and Reporting, Cost and Profit Analytics, Financial Decision and Planning Workbench all address the complex needs of healthcare providers.

Our solutions for Healthcare include:

  • Visual Analysis and Exploration
  • Master Data Management for a consistent, reliable and secure data foundation across the healthcare organization
  • Profit Analytics to derive true cost and margins to support operational improvement and multidimensional pricing and profitability
  • Financial Decision and Planning Workbench for decision analysis, budgeting, planning, consolidation and reporting
  • Targeted analytics such as predictive modeling of healthcare outcomes


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