CT Global Solutions has developed a custom Profit Analytics solution for the Fintech industry. The solution is powered by SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS CPM). It is offered as a service where the software is hosted and clients pay a fixed monthly amount for the software, services and hosting. The solution will enable Fintech companies to:

  • Make more accurate marketing and operational decisions leading to improved profits and a positive ROI.
  • Gain insights into drivers of profitability to enable computation of profit lift based on transaction volume changes by merchant/customer type.
  • Compute customer profitability and customer lifetime value (CLV) to enable more precise segmentation and targeting.
  • Increased return on marketing spend and increased retention of profitable customers.
  • Accurately estimate fully loaded cost of transactions.
  • Accurately estimate resource requirements at process and network level.
  • Reduce regulatory and compliance costs from automation of profit reporting.
  • Perform exploration, visualization and reporting through high performance, flexible rules driven modeling environment

In addition, CT Global Solutions provides white label solutions to help Fintech companies monetize data and offer revenue-generating products to their client base.



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