Community Banks

Our dedicated solution for Community Banks is driven by a passion that small banks and credit unions should be able to access the same Profit Analytics that are employed by the big banks and the larger regional banks.

CT Global Solutions has developed a custom Profit Analytics solution for Community Banks. The solution is powered by SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS CPM). The solution is offered under the Managed Analytics Services Program (MASP) where the software is hosted and clients pay a fixed monthly amount for services.

The solution enables smaller banks and credit unions to quickly derive insights into the drivers of profitability and improve financial results.

  • Which products and customers are profitable?
  • Where are the cost reduction opportunities?
  • What are the drivers of profitability?

CT Global Solutions has data input templates where clients can input data. These are automatically imported into our templates to run a pre-built, standard model. The solution, which includes pre-built, standard templates, provides detailed cost and revenue assignments and creates reports for business users and analysts. The reports provide insights into cost and profitability for products, customers and locations. The reporting environment, powered by SAS Visual Analytics (VA) provides self-help and drill down capabilities.

The main features of this solution are as follows:

  • No payment for software – whether client chooses cloud or on-site offering.
  • Models are pre-built for banks of this size.
  • CT Global runs the models and provides reports each month. There is no need for a bank analyst to maintain the solution.
  • The impact on the information technology department is minimal. If the bank selects the cloud-based solution, no hardware is required onsite.
  • Banks pay an affordable monthly subscription fee


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