Gaming and Hospitality

True cost and margins for products, patrons, channels and locations

Like banks, gaming and hospitality companies process large amounts of data without fully understanding the financial and risk implications.

Our solutions to address these omissions include:
  • Financial Planning & Analysis utilizing SAS Financial Management (SAS FM) for external (and internal) reporting & consolidation; budgeting, forecasting and scenario analysis.
  • Profit Analytics using SAS Cost and Profitability Management (SAS CPM) to derive true cost and margins for products, patrons, channels and locations.
  • Customer analytics such as patron profitability; profit scoring and segmentation; Profitable patron-product-channel combinations; Patron Lifetime Value (PLV).
  • Reporting & Visualization including forecasting and scenario analysis.
  • Targeted Analytics such as: Workforce planning for gaming, hospitality and amenities; Pricing optimization by offer category and patron segment; Forecasting and price optimization for hospitality by room type, season; Shopping cart analysis by patron segments to enable custom offers; etc.
  • Sentiment Analysis of Social Media to review performance benchmarked against competition and drive patron segmentation and optimized offers.