Financial Management

Budgeting, decision making, financial modelling, planning & reporting

Benefit form the financial modelling and advanced analytics found in SAS® Financial Management.

Improve the accuracy of mid market and enterprise planning, budgeting, consolidation, and financial reporting with the advanced analytics and modeling. Perform instant consolidations, develop highly accurate budgets and forecasts, and thoroughly understand revenue, costs, and profitability. Planning and historical data can be consolidated on-demand so the latest information is available for decision makers and regulatory agencies.

With our financial solution built on SAS FM, you will:

  • Integrate finance modeling, planning, budgeting, and financial reporting
  • Publish financial reports faster and close your books faster with on-demand financial consolidations
  • Create more accurate financial forecasts by exploring multiple scenarios and encouraging broader participation in financial forecast development, to improve the reliability of forecasts
  • Improve the efficiency of your business with an integrated process management framework to automate tasks, identify bottlenecks and monitor business processes.

CT Global has 29 years of experience in financial management and has custom build IP for you to benefit from.

Other financial solutions providers lack the experience and financial and analytic knowledge to pull your company’s financial data into a coherent model with actionable insights. CT Global Solutions understands how to balance the desire of analysts for flexibility with business management’s need for controllership, compliance, and reduced risk. With over 16 years of developing financial solutions and more than 100 implementations, we’re experienced in corporate budgeting and consolidation, and Excel replacement and decision support.

In one case our client tried and failed 3 times to replace their manual finance process at the cost of millions of dollars. Success came on the 4th attempt with a CT Global finance solution. After implementation, the company realized tremendous cost savings, as the number of analysts needed dropped from 60 to 15.