Demand Planning. Assortment Planning. Financial Planning.

One high-performance software suite with powerful retail analytics to drive your omnichannel business strategy.

A CT Global software solution built on SAS IPS is everything you need to precisely forecast consumer demand and create accurate assortment plans and merchandise plans.

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Benefits of Demand Planning with SAS Intelligent Planning

The challenge of demand planning with legacy systems is that they use obsolete planning methods, are constrained by their design, and do not allow for rapid, consumer-based insight and analysis. When demand planning is done on a very basic system or with spreadsheets, strategic planning across the enterprise is impossible – the system can’t facilitate data manipulation or allow executives to view corporate roll-ups from different vantages. Planners engage in manual, low-productivity tasks due to a lack of automated processes, reducing their efficiency and ability to work strategically to improve results. The results are inaccurate forecasts and poor sell-through rates.

The innovative architecture and high-performance forecasting platform in SAS Intelligent Planning allows merchants to quickly analyze customer demand and collaborate across the organization to develop strategic financial plans, create and manage customer-centric assortments with unlimited dimensions, and dynamically adjust in-season forecasts to changing demand and inventory conditions.

Demand Planning

Demand planning and forecasting is more efficient with our advanced analytics methodologies, including machine learning. The advanced forecasting methods accurately model your products and selling channels to balance inventory levels and reduce stock-outs by accurately predicting demand volatility. Automated, low-touch planning processes manage planning by exception, reducing errors and human bias.

Assortment Planning

Deliver a superior shopping experience with analytics-driven, localized assortment plans that accurately forecast what styles, colors, and sizes customers are looking for. Real-time attribute assessment and predictive modeling determine which attributes drive customer purchases. Optimize inventory investments by analyzing and tailoring assortments based on any product attribute, from any dimension. Meet strategic objectives based on the relationships between customers, products and selling channels.

Financial Planning

Quickly respond to business trends to optimize inventory investments and control merchandise spending. Set merchandise goals based on past, present and future demand. An open and integrated planning framework supports intelligent automation with planning workflow and automated approve, reject, and notify capabilities. Improve financial performance with dynamic in-season reforecasting that proactively adjusts to changing demand and inventory conditions.

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