Easy Demand Planning with EasyDemand PlanningTM Bundles

The easiest and fastest way to implement and scale demand & supply planning

EasyDemand Planning(TM) Overview

EasyDemand PlanningTM is a suite of analytical services that bundles SAS demand and supply planning software with customized service hours, cloud hosting, and models.

With specialized monthly subscription packages, our plans will help you Increase accuracy, automation, and scalability when it comes to implementing and scaling demand and supply planning.

Whether you require a beginner plan or you’re looking for something more, our subscription packages are tailored to your individualized needs.

EasyDemand PlanningTM Subscription Plans

Our Easy Demand Planning bundles combine SAS Analytics with customized service hours, cloud hosting, and models. Whether you require a ‘starter’ option or you’re looking to integrate more analytics with existing Business Intelligence and analytical tools, these packages can be customized for your industry and objectives.

Our monthly subscription offer is for customers looking to benefit from analytics, flexibility, and the deep industry expertise of CT Global Solutions, a SAS Gold Partner and reseller known for their domain experience in Profitability and Demand & Supply Planning.


Pinpoint customer demand peaks & valleys and forecast accordingly with the most specific level of demand planning that your organization requires. Get only the level of intelligent demand planning and optimization your organization wants.

  • Understand your data with simple visual dashboards
  • Improve profit planning & customer service with accurate demand planning
  • Keep every stakeholder connected with collaborative forecasts
  • Automate accurate forecasts with machine learning
  • Sense & forecast customer demand in real-time
  • Plan globally, execute regionally
  • Includes a fully customized solution.

Increase ROI with Accurate Demand Forecasts from Machine Learning

Automatically generate accurate demand forecasts with machine learning & artificial intelligence in order to:

  • Improve your profit planning
  • Get the most out of your marketing
  • Improve customer service
  • Leverage real-time data
  • Quickly adapt to rapid changes in demand planning

Demand Planning Roadmap


  • Interactive Graphs, Correlations, Summary Stats
  • SAS® Visual Analytics
  • 10 Hours
  • 1 Visualization Data Set
  • Hosting
  • Subscription


  • Build Event and Continuous Based Model
  • SAS® Visual Analytics
  • SAS® Statistical Analytics
  • 20 Hours
  • 1 Predictive Model
  • Hosting


  • Build Initial Forecasting Model
  • SAS® Visual Analytics
  • SAS® Statistical Forecasting
  • 40 Hours
  • 1 Forecasting Model
  • Hosting
  • Subscription


  • Build Event & Continuous Based Model
  • SAS® Visual Analytics
  • 80 Hours
  • 1 Data Mining (AI) & 1 ML Model
  • Hosting
  • Subscription


  • Omni Channel Suite: Demand Planning, Financial Planning, Optimization, Assortment planning
  • SAS® Visual Analytics
  • SAS® Intelligent Planning
  • Optimization for promotions, parts, pricing, size & pack
  • Financial Planning Integration
  • Hosting
  • Deployment
  • Subscription


Details of Packages:

  • SAS Analytical Software
  • Analytical Templates
  • Customized Service Hours
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Deployment Services

Leverage Demand & Supply Planning analytics to gain insightful information that will help you:

  • Sense & forecast customer demand in real-time
  • Perform what-if scenarios and simulate the effect of change
  • Improve profit planning & customer service with accurate demand planning
  • Keep every stakeholder connected with collaborative forecasts
  • Automate accurate forecasts with machine learning
  • Plan for the ‘new normal’ by incorporating economic indicators, social data, and other external variables to cleanse abnormal demand patterns

Demand Planning Analytics Solutions

Exploratory Data Analysis Initial Predictive Model Time Series Forecasting Machine Learning & AI Demand & Supply Planning
EasyEDATM EasyModelTM EasyForecastTM EasyAITM EasyPlanTM
SAS Visual Analytics
SAS Visual Statistics
SAS Visual Forecasting
Intelligent Planning

Quick Start

  • Analytic Templates
  • Enablement

1 Dashboard

1 Visualization Data Set

10 Hours

1 Predictive Model

10 Hours

1 Forecasting Model

40 Hours

1 Data Mining(AI) and 1 ML Model

80 Hours

Financial Planning Integration
Deployment Services

We pioneered the field of Profit Analytics

With 28 years of experience implementing financial analytic solutions, CT Global Solutions is a strategic SAS® partner that helps turn your data into profits.

A Gold SAS alliance partner for 18 years, CT Global has demonstrated domain expertise in analytics, cost and profit management, financial management, demand planning and decision optimization.

CT Global puts SAS to work and amplifies its value to MAKE EVERY DECISION COUNT.

Talk to a CT Global Demand & Supply Planning specialist

Additional Benefits

  • Eliminate most of your manual and tedious efforts and replace with value adding analysis
  • Create reports fast & effectively
  • Leverage more automation and make better use of your analysts’ time
  • More informed decision making
  • Benefit from muilti-echelon optimization
  • Determine the correct level of products needed
  • Less obsolescence and mark downs
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Profitability by lowering inventory costs & improving service levels
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Higher Profits & ROI
  • Improved productivity, communication and collaboration
  • Gain greater insights on your sales distribution, and customer base with less manual effort
  • Benefit from scenario analysis, the impacts of promotions and events, what-if planning & visual analytics
  • Reduce discretionary inputs in the IBP process
  • Measure forecast value and human bias
  • Benefit from ML & AI