EasyDemand Planning(TM) Service Offerings

The easiest and fastest way to implement and scale demand & supply planning

EasyDemand PlanningTM is a suite of analytical services that bundles SAS demand and supply planning software with customized service hours, cloud hosting, and models.

With specialized monthly subscription packages, our plans will help you Increase accuracy, automation, and scalability when it comes to implementing and scaling demand and supply planning.

Whether you require a beginner plan or you’re looking for something more, our subscription packages are tailored to your individualized needs.

SAS™ Analytics

Each analytic service includes access to demand & supply solutions, powered by SAS

  • EasyEDA
  • EasyModel
  • EasyForecast
  • EasyAI
  • EasyPlan

Analytic services are matched to meet customer maturity and need.

A Free Maturity Assessment will be provided to find the perfect fit. 



The Quickstart has everything you need to start addressing specific business questions quickly. Each quickstart includes:

  • A prebuilt template for each analytic service
  • Sample data set
  • Demonstrate how to move data into the template
  • Analytic process
  • “How to” training video

Dedicated Support

Each analytic service includes everything you need to keep the solution running week in and week out:

  • Account and user setup
  • Provisioning
  • Custom Service upon request
  • Support for problem resolution
    • 24/7 response to support tracks
    • Triage for rapid problem resolution

Cloud Hosting

Each subscription includes cloud hosting

  • Easy and fast access
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Data is fully isolated in each customers cloud environment
  • Regular maintenance & support included
  • 24/7 support
  • Only HTTPS and SFTP acess by internet
  • ISO certified
  • Additional security options available


Details of Packages:

  • SAS Analytical Software
  • Analytical Templates
  • Customized Service Hours
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Deployment Services

Leverage Demand & Supply Planning analytics to gain insightful information that will help you:

  • Sense & forecast customer demand in real-time
  • Perform what-if scenarios and simulate the effect of change
  • Improve profit planning & customer service with accurate demand planning
  • Keep every stakeholder connected with collaborative forecasts
  • Automate accurate forecasts with machine learning
  • Plan for the ‘new normal’ by incorporating economic indicators, social data, and other external variables to cleanse abnormal demand patterns






What will I get?

Customized Visualization Set
and Dashboard

 Visual Analytics

Customized Predictive Model

 Visual Analytics

 Visual Statistics

Customized Pipeline

 Visual Analytics

 Visual Forecasting

Customized Data Mining and Machine Learning Model

 Visual Analytics


Assortment, Custom Solution, Optional Hosting

 Visual Analytics

 Intelligent Planning

What can I do?

Explore, Analyse, & Visualize ata

Create  Predictive Models

Create Scalable Accurate
Forecasts Automatically
Leverage Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Enable End-to-End
S&OP Processes

How can I do it?

Automated Analysis to highlight data relationships

Create interactive dashboards and reports with drag and drop wizard

Leverage insights to help with decisioning & planning

Identify patterns & examine and visualize data

Quickly develop  Predictive Models

Statistical Modelling

Analyse and segment large datasets

Visualize and analyse the results of the predictive model

Develop forecasting scenarios & improve accuracy

Automate statistical forecasts with machine learning

Large scale forecasting

Visualize and analyse the results of the forecast

Create workflows to execute all aspects of data mining and predictive modelling

Use Data Mining to identify strongest external and causal variables

Leverage Machine Learning to create highly accurate predictive models

Visualize and analyse the results of Data Mining & Machine Learning

Demand Planning workbench to generate highly accurate forecasts. Calculate the impact of promotions

Consensus planning &  Scenario Analysis

Supply Planning, Replenishment,
Assortment Planning

Visualize and analyse Demand & Financial Plans