Demand & Supply Planning


The final step in the demand planning roadmap, EasyPlan follows a carefully structured plan to provide business and financial value each step of the way without stepping out of bounds with analytics maturity. EasyPlan uses advanced analytics for both demand and supply forecasting, demand-supply planning and consensus management, new product forecasting, supply (inventory) optimization, and advanced dashboards and reporting.

  • Develop & deploy millions of forecast combinations
  • Co-ordinate the efforts of both demand & supply planners
  • Ensure optimized flows of product through a multi-echelon supply chain
  • Generate accurate reports with SAS Visual Analytics
  • Design ideal plans that maximize sales while minimizing costs


With EasyPlan Quick Start, you’ll get:

  • SAS Visual Analytics
  • Intelligent Demand & Supply Planning
  • Demand & Supply Planning Optimization
  • Financial Planning Integration
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