Demand & Supply Planning Solutions

Plan for anything! Leverage more machine learning, automation, and optimization to ensure rapid, detailed and accurate forecasting with SAS® Analytics and CT Global’s expertise.

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Simplify and visualize data management, streamline planning, improve planning process efficiency, and reduce over – or under-stocking. Our demand planning solutions are easy to implement, expand, and use for stakeholders across the enterprise.

Inventory Optimization

Using multiechelon optimization & gain real-time insights into supply & demand to avoid over or understocking and improve all areas of your business.


Automatically generate accuracte forecasts using time-series models and considering causal factors that impact behaviors

Demand Sensing

Look to sales history and predict future events by identifying patterns. Gain insights related to sales, trends, promotions and pricing.


Benefit from collaborative workbenches to resolve supply chain challenges faster, boost productivity and make informed decisions.