Demand Planning Solutions

Demand planning solutions from CT Global are powered by machine learning, automation, and optimization to ensure rapid, detailed and accurate forecasting.
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“We generated supply chain savings immediately”

“Forecast accuracy improvement drives safety stock, inventory days on hand, storage costs and freight costs reduction. By gaining a few points of accuracy at the national level we generated supply chain savings immediately.” – Director of Supply Chain Integration.

Demand planning solutions to keep every stakeholder connected

Planning and forecasting decisions are made with real-time information. Inventory and labor forecasts are optimized to cover demand consistently across every channel. Regional teams can work together to plan globally and execute regionally.

Proactive forecasting solutions

CT Global’s demand planning solutions simplify and visualize data management, streamline planning, improve planning process efficiency, and reduce over – or under-stocking. Our demand planning solutions are easy to implement, expand, and use for stakeholders across the enterprise.

  • Sense customer demand across every channel
  • Accurate forecasts achieve optimized inventory levels and fewer stock outs.
  • Accurate demand plans ensure the right products are available in the right locations at the right times.
  • Accurate demand planning and forecasting improves revenue and margins with better sell-through rates and better estimation of pricing and promotional impacts.
  • Effectively forecast demand influenced by promotions, holidays, seasonality, weather, and retail trends.
  • Localize assortment and pricing by trade area.
  • Predict and view analytics by customer, capacity, replenishment, fulfillment, assortment, promotion, production, inventory, business systems, financial, supply chain, logistics, and more.

Demand planning features

Optimized demand planning

Optimized forecasts and demand plans improve margins and ensure customer service and satisfaction.

Collaborative forecasts

Every stakeholder can view forecasts and see updates in real time, from supply chain through sales.

Omnichannel efficiency

Consumer demand is volatile. Competition is intense. Costs are rising. Fulfillment options are complex. Plan and forecast accurately to fulfill every channel.

Machine Learning and AI

ML automatically creates the most accurate forecasts, dramatically increasing efficiency. Data scientists can spend their time analyzing problems instead of creating hundreds or thousands of forecasts.

A more analytical and automated approach to demand planning

“We needed a more analytical and automated approach to predict what merchandise needs to be where and the ability to integrate those forecasts across our planning and execution functions. We selected SAS as the analytics platform to move our company forward. We piloted the software and were impressed with its forecast accuracy.” – Vice President of Planning, Inventory, and Pricing.

demand planning solutions

Meet customer expectations

Volatile consumer demand requires a high degree of efficiency in demand planning and forecasting. Obsolete, manual, resource-intensive methods cannot keep up with thousands or millions of products in an omnichannel selling strategy. Workflow-based ERP/SCM planning solutions rely on insufficient data sources, too few collaborators, institutional knowledge, and assumptions that miss or ignore the true drivers of demand. The result is inaccurate forecasts, lost revenue, increased costs, and disappointed customers.

Actively shape demand planning

CT Global’s demand planning solutions sense channel demand and apply advanced analytics to deliver intelligent forecasts without bias to improve S&OP strategy. An accurate demand plan reduces production delays, inventory surpluses, and strained relationships, and improves customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

CT Global has delivered successful demand planning and forecasting solutions for

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