Machine Learning & AI

Perfect for advanced predictive modeling capabilities and complexity. EasyAITM bundles SAS® Visual Analytics & SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning with a QuickStart, dedicated support while being served on the cloud. 


The next step beyond time-series forecasting and initial predictive models, EasyAI uses machine learning & artificial intelligence to take your results to a higher level of statistical accuracy and business value. Easily transition from initial predictive models to state-of-the-art machine learning.

  • Interactively program in a web-based development environment
  • Quickly explore, mine, develop, & compare predictive models in a single environment
  • Develop models with modern machine learning algorithms
  • Automatically deliver optimal insights & make profitable business decisions
  • Use for targeted promotions, price optimization, product placement etc.
  • Scientifically identify the strongest causal variables to inject into the forecast