Data & Reporting Services

We help clients build a solid foundation for financial reporting and analysis employing enterprise-class data preparation and analysis tools to facilitate regulatory compliance and good data governance practices, while meeting all reporting requirements.

Recent studies show

The lack of defined process and tools means up to 80% of financial analysts’ time is spent on data work and reporting, with little time left for analysis. CT Global Solutions provides the following services part of their Data & Reporting Solutions practice:


Address data quality issues and create a Data Hub where all financial and other reporting related data is brought in and stored in a secure environment with access controls.

Data mapping and automated data integration ensures that the Data Hub is and updated regularly (daily, weekly, etc.).

All source data is at a central location with governance and secure access.


CT Global Solutions’ reporting solution leverages a centralized data hub, automated data integration, along with financial modelling and reporting tools to enable efficient reporting and analysis.

It provides the foundation for transforming Finance into a business partner for its internal stakeholders. The solution includes a data integration development environment which automates the data access, transformation, and load processes. It includes work flow management and security layers controlling access and changes to data.

The solution includes a financial modeling environment that extends the functionality of the general ledger and allows access by business users to financial information.

The financial modelling tool builds and automates reporting and provides analysts and business users the capability of doing in depth analysis to supporting decision needs of stakeholders.

Audit Compliant Portal

Internal Audit and Finance functions are concerned about reliance on an uncontrolled environment where Excel is used to create dimensional tables for various financial reports.

The Audit Compliant Portal brings key financial tables into a secure portal which stores and controls table updates, reporting & analysis.

It is fully auditable and prevents analysts from manually changing data. Only designated users can access the portal and the specific tables within the portal.

All changes to table are logged and time stamped. Benefits include meeting internal control objectives and reduction in external audit time and fees.

Base your decisions on accurate data instead of intuition.

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CT Global’s SAS CPM solutions are more accurate, more relevant for decision making, and more sustainable with less effort.

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