Communication, Media, and Entertainment

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face a business environment where core offerings are increasingly commoditized and traditional telecom service revenues erode. Major players are migrating to diversified offerings that include digital services such as voice/data, mobile and media. New product and service development into adjacent markets seems to a priority.

As CSPs create new services for adjacent markets, configuring partner-vendor-customer segment combinations that yield target margins will be critical. One important enabler of such a competency is the integration of Profit Analytics and Revenue Assurance.

CT Global’s Revenue Analytics and Profit Optimization using SAS Demand Driven Planning and Optimization (SAS Demand and Supply Planning) has many revenue and profit touchpoints in CSPs, which include:

  • Forecasting cellular revenues based on predicted attrition, new subscriber growth, change of plans etc.
  • Creating an infrastructure to support forecasting by automating data, replacing ad hoc spreadsheets with a controlled solution, and addressing the reporting and analysis needs of business users in a self-serve environment
  • Optimizing retail inventory of cell phones and accessories
  • Optimizing revenue from licensing of media assets
  • Forecasting call center volume and mix and optimizing the staffing plan
  • Optimizing node splitting in the cable business