Scaled to fit the size, need and affordability

CT Global Solutions’ banking practice includes large banks, mid-tier banks between $5 and $50 billion in assets, and community banks below $5 billion asset size.

Our experience with all sizes and types of banks allows us to formulate solutions that address banks’ critical needs. These needs include data, reporting, analytics, cost and profit analysis, planning, and CECL compliance. Our banking solutions are scaled to fit the size, need and affordability of the bank.

We offer customized solutions for banks of all sizes
Banking solutions for Finance include:
  • Profit Analytics using SAS Cost & Profitability Management (CPM) to provide product, branch, customer and channel profitability analysis.
  • Global bank profit responsibility reporting system where every business unit of the bank has the knowledge, authority and motivation to improve profitability.
  • Advisory Services to review strategy, goals, current state to develop technology and an analytics road map for the execution of a profit improvement plan.
  • Data Management & Reporting — design and implementation of a compliant data and reporting solution for Finance. This solution eliminates data churn and manual reporting and resolves process inefficiencies and lack of compliance.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliant portal developed with SAS technology to host lookup tables within a secure portal with access control and records of all activities. The SOX solution meets Internal Audit and External Auditors’ requirements for Internal Controls.
  • Targeted Analytics for customer segmentation and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) analysis.
  • Excel Replacement using SAS Financial Management (SAS FM) to automate manual work flows, increase accuracy and enable analysts to focus on value added tasks.