About Us

CT Global delivers the knowledge and insight for financial and business success. Since 1991, our financial analytic solutions have helped hundreds of organizations increase profitability and create value. Our domain and industry knowledge and expertise with SAS technology accrue to the benefit of our clients.

This is the problem we solve: Most companies can’t accurately compute the profit impact of decisions. They use guesswork and intuition. Even the use of statistical analytics does not put a dollar sign in front of predictions. We solve this problem with financial analytics. Whether it is pricing, marketing, cost cutting, or other decision, our solutions enable profit-optimizing plans.

Some of our clients

CT Global’s unique differentiators include:

  • SAS Gold Partner specializing in SAS for Finance
  • Reseller of SAS software including unique offerings of SAS Cost and Profitability Management and SAS Financial Management
  • Designer and implementer of solutions that combine best-in-class financial modeling, analytics and technology
  • Cloud-based service offerings using SAS tools and focused on results
  • Unique financial workbench solutions for resolving inefficient and risky uses of Excel for planning and decision optimization
  • Pioneers and continued leaders of the field of profitability modeling, diagnostics, analysis and reporting
  • Developer of the world’s first commercially available profit analytics software tool (OROS)
  • Best selling authors in the field of financial analytics
  • Featured in industry publications such as Cost Management, BusinessWire, and BrightTalk
  • 30+ years experience delivering results for its clients

CT Global has offices in:

  • Mumbai, India
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Cary, North Carolina

Corporate Headquarters
5100 Tighman St Suite #110
Allentown, PA 18104

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