The role of data in gaining valuable financial insights, introducing the new SAS/STAT lines plot, And achieving operational excellence through business intelligence.

Published October 24, 2017 by CT Global Solutions

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The role of data in gaining valuable financial insights

Deep within the world of finance, primeval data-sniffing creatures are growing and evolving. Great wafts of data are drifting from your mobile phone. Every digital action sends a cloud of information out across the network. You are leaking data and, in finance, these signals can form a useful picture of market activity.

Introducing the new SAS/STAT lines plot

Introducing the new SAS/STAT lines plot

SAS 9.4M5 has been released along with the 14.3 release of SAS/STAT. I am excited to announce that some SAS/STAT procedures have a new means and LS-means comparison plot.

SAS, Visual analytics

Achieving academic and operational excellence through business intelligence

Curtin University uses SAS® Visual Analytics to provide reporting across the organization Tucked away in one of the world’s most isolated cities, Curtin University is surging onto the world stage with its exemplary research and culture of innovation.