CT Global Solutions is thrilled to announce their recent New Industry Award from the SAS Institute of Canada. We received the award at the SAS Global Forum in Denver, CO among a large gathering of global partners of SAS.

What CT Global Solutions did to win this award

The New Industry award from the SAS Institute of Canada was awarded to CT Global for our leadership role in bringing new CPM sales to market in Canada. We modernized the approach of Profit Analytics (using the SAS CPM software) and the Financial Planning and Decision Workbench (using SAS FM software) and drove business development initiatives for both SAS and CT Global Solutions.


CT Global Solutions’ President Peter BB Turney (seen middle) receiving New Industry Award at SAS Global Forum in Denver, CO

The benefits of CT Global Solutions’ Profit Analytics

Profit Analytics, using SAS Cost and Profitability Management (CPM) software, provides a high-value, high-return solution for improving profitability. It uses integrated predictive analytics to help businesses stay ahead of the game financially by creating scenarios to assess the potential impact of their decisions.

Profit Analytics utilizes large data in-memory computing and analytics as well as a rules-based engine that allows organizations to calculate and analyze cost and profitability more efficiently so profit increases rather than decreases. The following benefits set CT’s Profit Analytics apart from your average financial system

  • Drives future profit growth
  • Allows product management: to price existing products based on profitability
  • Provides profitability scores for customer management and segmentation- lets you see which customers are most profitable and to segment them by product, division, channel, or demographic
  • Provides regulatory compliance- all profitability data can be found easily on one app

The benefits of CT Global Solutions’ Financial Planning and Decision Workbench

Our Financial Planning and Decision Workbench using SAS Financial Management (SAS FM) software, makes the difficult process of financial planning for your business simple. Our solution provides services that benefit your corporation’s financial plan:

  • Decision analytics
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Consolidation and reporting
  • Forecasting of demand plans and expenses
  • Inventory and merchandise optimization

In addition to winning this prestigious New Industry award, CT Global Solutions’ President Peter BB Turney was interviewed for an article published on CRN. The article discusses SAS’s latest leverage of AI technology within its product lineup and how organizations like CT Global Solutions can benefit from this. CT understands the importance of AI and the impact it is already having on our solutions with SAS’s platform capabilities. As the software recedes into the background and the power of the user increases, it becomes more likely that results will be higher and experiences with our solutions and the SAS tools will be more positive. CRN quotes CT President Turney, “We benefit from that (the boosting of AI capabilities in SAS) by being able to do more remarkable things.” And CT Global Solutions continues to do just that.