Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics for Finance provides powerful analytics, data preparation, and reporting tools:

  • Forecasting and Predictive Modeling. Model the future for optimal decision outcomes using best-in-class forecasting and analytics. It is not necessary to be a programmer or statistician-let the solution guide you to the best statistical method.
  • Compliant Data Preparation. Build a solid foundation for financial reporting and analysis employing enterprise-class data preparation tools to facilitate regulatory compliance and good data governance practices.
  • Flexible Ad-Hoc Analysis and Reporting. Empower your business users with self-service, rich, and flexible analysis and reporting to improve the efficiency of reporting processes. Role-based permissions for users assure security and compliance.
  • SOX compliant portal – This solution offered by CT Global addresses internal audit and external auditors requirements for control over data and tables that are linked to external financial reporting. The solution addresses access controls and also logs all changes made to tables, including additions, deletions, etc. Companies gain control over what is changed and it meets all internal control requirements. CT Global has deployed this solution for banks.


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