Decision Analytics

Decision Analytics is a high-power collaborative financial workbench for decision analysis, budgeting and planning, and consolidation and reporting. In all these areas Decision Analytics enhances Finance’s stakeholder role and strategic influence in situations where risk, compliance, profits, and financial position are materially impacted.

  • Decision Analysis. Ensure your stakeholders have full visibility of the financial outcome of decisions such as pricing, workforce planning, and setting optimal levels of inventory. Help them set the optimal course of action. Employ a process that meets controllership and governance standards.
  • Budgeting and Planning. Increase the quality of the budgeting process by shifting analyst and manager time from preparation to value-added analysis. Support rolling forecasts, top-down or bottom-up budgeting, and budget-cycle seeding. Ease communications and speed planning cycles using workflow control and enterprise collaboration. Create driver-based budgets, even in multiple currencies, using statistical accounts and embedded calculations. Produce the most accurate and flexible forecasts available.
  • Consolidation and Reporting. Close the books efficiently and quickly where ownership rules, intercompany transactions, currency translation, and other factors increase consolidation and reporting complexity. Meet all accounting and regulatory requirements using a fully compliant process. Use powerful analytics to model “what-if” scenarios using consolidation, allocation, currency, and other rules.


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